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Computer Services


Computer/Desktop Support

We have trained staff with years of experience that will provide you with professional desktop computer support. We can come to you to fix your problems, issues or questions. In some cases, we may be able to dial into your computer no matter where you are, if you are still able to get and provide remote desktop computer support to save you time.

Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal

All of these will take up your system resources and slow down your system, and can potentially be deadly to your computer as well as your important data. We will thoroughly scan and clean your system of these unwanted malicious programs so that you can take advantage of your computer's full potential processing power.


Data Retrieval

We use various methods to recover the data on your computer. We have tools and equipment that have been proven successful in recovering data whether it doesn’t boot up, or if the computer simply can not access it. If we don’t recover it, we don’t charge you for it!



Have an existing laptop or desktop computer that doesn’t boot up anymore? We will reinstall the Operating System of your choice and get you up and be running with all the applications that you need so that your computer will no longer be just a large paperweight.


Desktop Setups

We set up, configure and build or rebuild your desktop systems to your specifications. Just let us know what types of requirements you need, and we will get you up and running!


Custom System Builds

Tell us what you will need the computer for and we will recommend what kind of hardware you might need. Whether it's for gaming, work, the internet, or just word processing, let us know and we will customize it to your needs.


Wireless Implementations

Computer Teckies will implement wireless in your home or business network with any type of wireless access point you may have. Need recommendations for equipment? Tell us what you have and we will tell you what you need. Want added security? We will secure and lock down your wireless network so that only you will be able to use it, not your neighbor.


Home Network Setups

We can set up your home network to run smoothly and efficiently so that your household will be able to take advantage of the full home computing experience.


Small Business Setups

Your small business will be running at maximum efficiency with our small business network setup to minimize downtime and increase productivity. Tell us what you require, and we will set up a plan for your office.

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