Bluelounge Design Kii Keychain Lightning MFI Certified USB Charger Connector for iPhone/iPad/iPod

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The Bluelounge Kii is a compact USB connector to Lightning. This cable is MFI certified. The Kii style is completely personalized with your Apple product. Loads easily your iPhone, iPad or iPod or synchronize with a computer without a cable or charger needed! The Kii can be hung on a key ring and offers ease of use, accessibility and mobility for all your Apple products with Lightning connector. The Bluelounge Kii has at one end a Lightning connector for iPhone, iPad or iPod. At the other end is a USB plug directly to use with your MacBook, laptop or other device with USB connector. This version is made for any iPhone, iPod or iPad with a Lightning connector.

Full Specs

  • Kii for Lightning Connector
  • Self-locking system ensures it doesn't slip off your keychain
  • Attaches directly on your keychain with the rest of your keys
  • Lightweight and inconspicuous design blends in with your regular keys

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Bluelounge Design Kii Keychain Lightning USB Charger for

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